What The FAQ?

Absolutely! We can bring our show Canada wide and beyond.

Yes, we can run a show almost anywhere wether its a garage for a dozen people or a large conference room for 400 people.

The only thing we ask is to kick in a few prizes if you can, say around 6 or more. We will take care of everything else from full sound and lighting gear, all supplies, and even our own table.

The full version is around 90 minutes split into 2 rounds with a halftime break, or we can run our “Power Hour” version. Because we are also event DJ’s we can take care of the entire evening and keep the party going late after the show is finished.

YES!, But it’s much more than the classic game you bring grandma to! The show is much more about music and audience participation like Air Guitar showdown's, Sing-A-Long's and Dance Off’s.

We sure can. On the quote form there is a rating system to ensure our content can suit any audience wether it be full ‘adult’ version or family friendly.

We carry full $2,000,000 liability insurance and music licensing through CONNECT.

Not really. We have stage preferences , but when it comes down to it, we can run a show in almost any setting and venue.

Each show is a 2 person host and dj team hand picked from our rotating crew.

Still Have Questions!

We can cater to almost everything, but to know for sure fill out our quote request. No Obligation!

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